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Your account in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza can be used and managed on different levels. Different employees have different roles and privileges within the Plaza. Within the Buckaroo Payment Plaza, you can also create a custom-made role for a user. A custom-made role can also be added to a standard role. The manual for roles explains how a role can be created and how it can be assigned to a user.

These are the roles within the Buckaroo Payment Plaza:
  • Administrator
  • Read-only
  • Employee
  • Employee, increased privileges
  • Technical Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Execute refunds (complementary role)
  • Custom-made role

The administrator has all the privileges a merchant can have and can thus use all features the Plaza has to offer, including adding a new employee. This role comes with the following options: Transactions, Invoices, Call centre, Refunds, Profile, Configuration, Report.

Instruction: If the user should be able to create or modify Subscriptions, you should assign the role of Technical Manager to this user.

This role is essential to create or modify Subscriptions. The technical manager has the same privileges as the administrator, apart from the financial privileges. This role is suitable for a web builder, because this user can administer all technical settings, such as templates, push settings, digital signature etcetera. The technical manager has access to certain reports because these are important if he has to run a test. Certain functionalities that the Technical Manager does not have are the call center, various reports, and the ability to execute refunds and submit files. Once everyting is up and running, you can deactivate this role so the web builer no longer has access to your account.

Technical Administrator
Financial Manager

The financial manager has the same privileges as the administrator, with the exception of all technical privileges. Some of the financial manger’s functionalities are making transactions via the call center, executing refunds and submitting files.

Tip: The functionalities of the Technical and Financial Managers depend on the modules you’ve purchased. You can find out which privileges they have by creating an employee account with these privileges and running a test.


The employee has general privileges (such as being able to view transactions), but has no other financial privileges (such as being able to execute refunds).

This role comes with the following options: Transactions, Invoices, Call centre, Report

Employee, increased privileges

The employee with increased privileges has general privileges and limited financial privileges. A customer service employee for example makes no technical adjustments but does have to be able to execute refunds. A significant difference between Employee, Increased Privileges and Administrator is that only the administrator can adjust settings.

This role comes with the following options: Transactions, Invoices, Call center, Refunds, Report


This is the role with the least privileges. This user can only view transactions in order to respond to customer inquiries, but cannot view reports.

Execute refunds (Complementary role)

This is a complementary role, so it cannot be assigned independently to a user. This role is useful if you want a user to be able to execute refunds without granting them any other financial privileges.

Custom-made role

You can customize this role by specifying its privileges. For more information, read the details in the manual, which can be downloaded by using this button.

Add employee

Employees with the ‘Administrator’ profile can create new users. Follow the steps below:

  • My Buckaroo
  • Employees
  • Overview
  • Actions
  • Create new user