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If the Subscription module is purchased, this menu will be displayed. This overview lists all subscriptions.

Subscriptions Overview

This option allows you to download all selected subscriptions in a .CSV file format.

Subscription key, Debtor, Product, Price schedule, Invoicing interval, Status, Start date.

This overview contains the following information:

  • Debtor name: Name of the debtor
  • Key: The unique key for this subscription (also called SubscriptionGuid)
  • Invoicing interval: How often are invoices created
  • Start date: The start date of the subscription
  • End date: In case the subscription has been stopped, the end date of the subscription
  • Status: Status of the subscription

By clicking on a subscription, you can see the details of the subscription.


Stop subscription: Click here if you wish to stop the running subscription.

Under ‘Details’, you’ll find more information about the subscription. From here on, you can click straight to the debtor, the original data request and the Credit Management scheme.


Under ‘Invoices’, you’ll find an overview of all invoices that are linked to this invoice. This overview contains the following information:

  • Date: The date on which the invoice was created
  • Invoice number: The invoice number
  • Amount: The original invoice amount
  • Amount paid: Total amount paid of the invoice
  • CM-scheme/schedule: The name of the Credit Management scheme
  • Status: Invoice status

From here on, you can click straight to the specific invoice.


Under ‘Products’, you can see all pricing plans that are linked to the subscription. Here you’ll find the unique key for this subscription, the start date and possible end date, and the status of the subscription.

Price adjustments

Under ‘Price adjustments’, you’ll find a pop-up screen displaying the financial details of the pricing plan.Including the name, number of units, price, VAT rate, etcetera. You can also see the type of cost, which indicates whether you’re dealing with one-off or recurring costs.


The status log keeps track of all modifications. It also shows when an invoice was created.