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Under ‘Transactions’, you will find an overview of all transactions. You can search for specific transactions, print transaction reports, check out Monthly and Annual Overviews and view rejected refunds and payment orders.



Bulk push: Here you can send the latest push message again for a selection of transactions

New payment: Here you can make a credit card payment via the Plaza

Express PayPerEmail: Here you can create a PayPerEmail

New payment order: Here you can make a payment to a consumer/third party

Invoice number, Description, Transaction key, Website, Transaction type, Transaction status, Acquirer, Transaction date, Status date, Amount, Currency and Balance sheet.

This overview contains all transactions. This is a live overview, which will be updated immediately if a new transaction is started or in case of a transaction status change. This overview contains the following information:

Date/time: The moment the transaction was started
Merchant name: The name of the customer
Website: The URL name
Name: The name of the consumer (if available)
Account number: If available, the account number, obscured credit card number or email address of the consumer (if available)

Amount: The transaction amount
Invoice: The invoice number of the transaction
Transaction type: The type of transaction
Description: The description of the transaction, as submitted in the transaction request
Acquirer: The bank or organisation that executes the transaction
Status: The transaction status

Transaction details

Push-status: The option to send the latest push messages again

Refund: The option to perform a (partly) refund directly

Send a payment invitation: The option to send a PayPerEmail directly

Alternative payment: The option to set a open transaction to paid

Cancel: The option to cancel a pending Sepa Direct Debit, only if not send to the bank yet

By clicking on a transaction, you’ll see the specific details.

This overview contains the various parameters. In the left-hand section, you’ll see an overview of the invoice number, the amount and the transaction status history. In the right-hand section, you’ll see the payment method, the customer data and the transaction’s output parameters.

Payment attempts
Here you’ll find a detailed overview of the payment.

Here you’ll find the latest payment status.

Here you’ll find an overview of the various payment statuses.

Here you’ll find an overview of all messages with regard to the transaction. Including the push messages status and the Anti-Fraud Check results.


Here you can check which emails have been sent and whether they were received properly. By clicking on the email, you can see its content.

Gateway Request
Here you can see the transaction request that was sent. As well as possible decisions and/or completed (obscured) entry fields.

Transaction report

By using the ‘Actions’ button, you can download the transactions overview to a CSV file.

By using the ‘Filters’ button, you can search for specific transactions. You can search for information in (a combination of) the following entry fields:

Website, Transaction type, Transaction date, Status date, Balance sheet and Transaction status.

In the transaction report, it is possible to display an overview of all transactions according to payment method and status.

Monthly/Annual Overview

By using the ‘Filters’ button, you can search for specific transactions. You can search for information in (a combination of) the following entry fields:
Month, Year, Date type  and Transaction status.

The Monthly/Annual Overview contains the number of transactions on a monthly or annual basis, per payment method.

Rejected refunds and payment order

By using ‘Actions’, you can select the transaction and execute it again or cancel it.

If refunds or payment orders are rejected because the balance is insufficient, these are queued. These transactions have to be executed again manually once the balance is sufficient.