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Invoice push


Status changes of the invoices offered with Credit Management 3.0. will be communicated to the Merchant by means of an invoice push. Below, you’ll find a list of the different codes that can be used in the push, with an explanation of the status and event push messages. But first, here’s an example of a push message:


   "InvoiceStatusCode": 10,
   "PreviousStepIndex": 0,
   "PreviousStepDateTime": "0001-01-01T00:00:00+01:00",
   "Event": "ChangedStatus",
   "EventCategory": "FinancialChange",
   "EventDateTime": "2017-09-18T16:42:10.3607772+02:00",
   "EventParameters": [
       "Key": "StatusCode",
       "Value": "10"


Invoice status codes


Code Meaning Description Invoice Status Code
10 Active The invoice follows its scheme, if applicable.
20 Paused The invoice currently does proceed on its scheme.
21 PausedByDispute Like Paused, but specifically caused by a manually registered dispute.
22 PausedByPaymentPlan Like Paused, but specifically caused by a payment plan. This status can only be removed through termination of the payment plan.
70 PendingTransferTo CollectionAgency The invoice is marked for transfer to the collection agency, in accordance with its scheme.
71 TransferredToCollectionAgency The invoice is at the collection agency, and awaiting their response.
72 AcceptedByCollectionAgency The collection agency has accepted the invoice and will work on it.
73 ProcessedByCollecionAgency The collection agency has finished its work on the invoice.
74 ProcessedByCollection AgencyIncomplete The collection agency has finished its work on the invoice but did not manage to (fully) collect the invoice.
79 RefusedByCollectionAgency The collection agency has not accepted the invoice.
80 WrittenOff The invoice was manually written off by the merchant.
90 Rejected The invoice was rejected, most likely because its request was invalid. It has never been active.
91 Cancelled The invoice has been active, but is no longer. For example, this can happen to the partial invoices created by a payment plan (see CreatePaymentPlan) if they cease to apply.
99 Emergency This invoice was manually disabled because of an emergency. Tech support is examining it.
0 NotSet A technical error took place. This status should never occur.
Invoice events


Code Meaning

Description of event

1 ChangedTransaction Status One of the invoice’s transactions changed status in a relevant way. Generally only a change to ‘successful’ is relevant, although there are exceptions, e.g. a Sepa Direct Debit moving to or away from ‘pending’ influences PendingSlowPaymentAmount
2 ChangedStatus The invoice changed status, e.g. to ‘active’ or ‘paused’. See below for options
3 CreatedCreditNote Credit note was created on the invoice. Note that a push may be sent for the credit note itself, but the CreatedCreditNote event on the original invoice is the most relevant
4 SentReminderMessage A reminder was sent for the invoice, in accordance with its scheme
5 SentBackupReminder Message A reminder was sent for the invoice using a backup method, in accordance with its scheme. E.g. the scheme may be set to send a letter if the e-mail cannot be delivered
6 SkippedReminder BecauseNoMethods Remain A reminder action in the invoice’s scheme has failed to reach the debtor. This happens when all of the given communication methods bounce (e.g. incorrect e-mail address) or have been marked as unreachable by the merchant (e.g. through the Debtor screen in the Payment Plaza)
7 IncreasedAdminFee The administration fee on the invoice has been increased, in accordance with the invoice’s scheme
8 TransferredToCollection Agency The invoice has entered the collection agency process, in accordance with its scheme. Note that the ChangedStatus event provides more detailed updates as the invoice status changes throughout this process (transfer, acceptance, refusal, completion)
9 CreatedRecollect A recollect was created for the invoice, in accordance with its scheme. This happens when Sepa Direct Debit recollection is active on the scheme, when the previous attempt fails and there is enough time for another attempt
10 SentPaymentInvitation Message A payment invitation was sent for the invoice, in accordance with its scheme
11 SentBackupPayment InvitationMessage A payment invitation was sent for the invoice using a backup method, in accordance with its scheme. E.g. the scheme may be set to send a letter if the e-mail cannot be delivered
Cat. Event Category Description Category
1 FinancialChange any change that relates to the invoice’s amounts, including the initial invoice creation, transaction status changes, and credit notes
2 Other anything else, e.g. a reminder being sent

The Merchant can also use Buckaroo Credit Management to send push messages for their own use. Think of actions or memories that are used by their own systems to take actions. When creating the event, the value in the push message can also be entered as a code or description. For the usage, think of notifications that you can design yourself such as:

  • Controlling the mail or other messaging service of the Merchant, based on a text such as:

    "Send first reminder [invoicenumber]"

    This is used when Buckaroo only has to give the trigger and the CRM system of the Merchant sends the mails or other messages itself.

  • Scheduling a phone call including the data of the invoice. The text can then be:

    "Call customer [debtorcode] about invoice [InvoiceNumber] the outstanding amount is [InvoiceAmountOpen]"

    This is used for actions that Buckaroo does not perform itself, but that are part of the treatment plan for the Merchant.

  • Giving a warning for the management of outstanding invoice amounts. The example text could look like:

    "W03: [invoicenumber] enters the last reminder phase"

    This is about being able to automatically estimate and warn for the outstanding money at a certain point in time in the treatment plan.

Example of a CustomEvent in a push message is shown below in italics as an invoice push:


  "Invoice": {

    "InvoiceKey": "2EC4B83B55E74xxxxxx9C6627A208",

    "InvoiceNumber": "CreditManagement3_0001_1618441848",

    "WebsiteKey": "vcKCxxxxCDw",

    "DebtorCode": "TestDebtor001",

    "DebtorGuid": "7668521FA3xxxxxx0A444A5B194FB",

    "SchemeKey": "nhxxx3j",

    "IsTest": true,

    "Type": "RegularInvoice",

    "Culture": "nl-NL",

    "InvoiceDate": "2021-04-01T00:00:00",

    "DueDate": "2021-04-15T00:00:00",

    "InvoiceStatusCode": 10,

    "PreviousStepIndex": 0,

    "PreviousStepDateTime": "2021-04-15T01:14:01",

    "InvoicePayLink": https://testcheckout.buckaroo.nl/html/?brq_paydirect_inv=2EC4B83Bxxxxxxx292281F9C6627A208,

    "Event": "CustomEvent",

    "EventCategory": "Other",

    "EventDateTime": "2021-04-15T01:15:34.2773546",

    "EventParameters": [


        "Key": "CustomEventMessage",

        "Value": "This is a test"



    "Currency": "EUR",

    "AmountDebit": 0.0500,

    "AmountCredit": 0.0000,

    "AmountAdminCosts": 0.0000,

    "AmountCreditNotes": 0.0,

    "AmountPaid": 0.0,

    "AmountAdminCostsPaid": 0.0,

    "AmountPendingSlow": 0.0,

    "OpenAmount": 0.0500,

    "OpenAmountAdminCosts": 0.0000,

    "OpenAmountInclAdminCosts": 0.0500,

    "IsPaid": false,

    "CustomParameters": [


    "AdditionalParameters": [