Buckaroo Support - EN


For most payment methods offered by Buckaroo, a payment transaction status will be communicated to Buckaroo directly by the bank or third-party payment processor as soon as the customer has completed the payment process. Since payment for iDEAL is guaranteed, the bank will immediately report to Buckaroo that the status can be changed to ‘success’ once the payment process has been completed. This status will then be assigned to the relevant transaction in the Buckaroo transaction overview.

For payment methods where payment by the customer takes a longer time, Buckaroo will only change the payment status to ‘success’ once payment has actually been received by Buckaroo. This applies to payment methods such as transfers and Sofort Banking.

For all collecting payment methods, Buckaroo will receive the amounts on the Stichting Derdengelden account (third parties account). Once an amount has been received, it will be linked to a successful transaction. This process, called ‘payment reconciliation’, will be performed automatically. Sometimes received payments are not immediately recognized by the Buckaroo system. In practice, this only occurs when customers make a payment by transfer. When making a transfer, the customer has to duplicate an amount and reference provided by Buckaroo. When the amount and reference are not duplicated correctly by the customer, the payment will be received on Buckaroo’s Derdenrekening (trust account). Our frontoffice has a special team ready to find these non-reconciliated payments and link them to the appropriate payment transactions. The cause for all other discrepancies in the reconciliation will be investigated and, if necessary, remedial action will be taken. Thus, we can guarantee that each amount within the Stichting Derdengelden will be accounted for and assigned properly.