Buckaroo Support - EN

How do I link Buckaroo to my website?

To connect a webshop using a plugin or the Buckaroo API, you need two "Keys". The so-called Website Key (Merchant ID) and the Secret Key (Merchant Key). Where to find them, you can read further on this page.

Specific information about our plugins can be found on the next page: Buckaroo Plugins

Website Key

Every website in your Buckaroo account has a unique Website Key (Merchant ID). This key can be found in the Buckaroo Plaza under: My Buckaroo > Websites > Key


By using the "Filters" button on the right, you can switch between multiple websites.


Secret Key

For the link with Buckaroo you will need to create a Secret Key (Merchant Key). You can create this in the Buckaroo Plaza under: Configuratie > Beveiliging > Secret Key


This field is empty after creating a Buckaroo account. Create a secure long code. Please note that the secret key may only contain numbers and letters!