Buckaroo Support - EN


With the rise of online services, the need has arisen to allow customers to introduce/identify themselves in a way other than the physical way. The acceptance of the various forms of identification grows with this need. For that reason Buckaroo currently supports the most accepted identification services. Of course in combination with the services you expect from a Payment Service Provider. The services offered by Buckaroo are:

  • eMandaat : Whereby the debtors of the Merchant give explicit permission to collect from an IBAN and thereby share the account number and the name. A Digital Reference is returned, which can be included with future direct debits, so that the debtor's bank knows that this digital commitment has been made.
  • iDIN : The service of the banks whereby the identifying data of the debtor of the merchant is shared after explicit permission from the debtor. No IBAN account number and account name are shared, nor is authorization issued.
  • PiM : Service which is offered by KPN whereby the identification of the debtor is done on the basis of a number of possible registration forms of several providers.