Buckaroo Support - EN

Merchant setup

e-Mandate dashboard

The executing bank dashboard is available on the following environments:

Bank name URL
Deutsche Bank https://erouting.equensworldline.com/msp/modusmgmt/login?bank_id=DeubaNL
ABN Amro https://abnamro.incassomachtigen.de
ING https://portal.secure-ing.com/msp/modusmgmt/login?bank_id=IngNL
Rabobank https://machtigen.rabobank.nl

Note: Scroll down for a screenshot of the dashboards.

Error messages

When an email mandate request ends in an error message Merchant ID unknown. There are several options:

-1- The connection may not be active yet. If it says "validated" in the dashboard, it still needs to be activated. The Merchant can take this step together with the bank.

-2- There may be a mix-up of the merchant IDs of the emandates and the emandatesb2b. Buckaroo can determine, on the basis of a screen print of the Merchant's dashboard, whether or not there has been a mix-up.


When an XML validation issue is reported, the following may be the case:

-1- The processing bank may not have been chosen correctly. In that case, the e-Mandate is offered to the wrong bank with an unknown certificate and MerchantID. Buckaroo can easily adjust the processing bank based on the screenshot of the Dashboard.

-2- No connection is possible. In that case, the integrator may not be set to Buckaroo in the dashboard.

e-Mandates Dashboards
Dashboard Deutsche Bank
Dashboard ING
Dashboard Rabobank