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Does your company have multiple entities which demand separate accounting or do have any business units that are not allowed to view each others revenues? At Buckaroo, you have the option to create multiple accounts. Thus you can differentiate between specific company divisions. Every account has its own access, statements and payouts.

Separate accounts

One option is to request separate accounts. This might for example be useful for private companies with multiple company names. If you have a private company with multiple websites, then it is also possible to add multiple sites to one single account.

1 master account

If you wish to keep a link between all separate (sub)accounts, it is possible to create a master account. This allows you to assign authorisations for each user per sub-account. A financial manager for example is authorised to switch between all (sub)accounts in order to view financial data, whereas a regular employee only has access to a specific (sub)account.

  • Your can define a separate¬†payout account for each Buckaroo account
  • Customize (checkout, templates) per account
  • Switch easily between the various sub-accounts