Buckaroo Support - EN

Custom variables

Apart from the Buckaroo variables, it is also possible to add Merchant related variables to each payment request. These additional variables are also added to the response and push updates. There are two variable types:

  • Custom variables: these are configurated in advance in the Payment Plaza. The advantage of this is that these are visible and searchable in the Payment Plaza, because the values are stored in the Payment Plaza. It is also possible to provide the type of field, which makes it possible to check by means of format. The format is defined as cust_[variablename] (for example cust_event).
  • Additional variables:these are not configurated in advance. The additional variables can also be found in the Payment Plaza in the transaction details, but they are not searchable. The format is defined as add_[variablename] (for example add_MyShopNumber).

Remark: Both custom and additional variables are optional and it is not mandatory to add them. Not entering these variables does not trigger an error message. The following explanation is listed in chronological order:

  1. Submit the transaction
  2. Processing of the payment request
  3. Redirect after the payment has completed the payment attempt
  4. Push of the results of the payment attempt
  5. Request for a transaction report
  6. Use of the variable in PayperEmails, reminders, letters and text messages
Custom variables in JSON

"CustomParameters": {
   "List": [
       "Name": "name_of_the_plaza_field1",
       "Value": "Example of field value"
       "Name": "name_of_the_plaza_field2",
       "Value": "€6,00"