Buckaroo Support - EN

Payment handling

There are several ways to handle the payment information. In order to have an overview of all the options, they are all named in the diagram with the questions that are necessary to make the choices.

  • Are split payments necessary for the service? If the website is used as a marketplace, it is necessary to have clear specifications of the payout ratios. In that case the Market Places functionality can be used.
  • is a Hosted Payment Page necessary for the payment service? Please use configuration options within the Smart Checkout functionality designed by Buckaroo
  • Would you like to have the Credit Card details entered on your own website in a PCI compliant manner? Use Client Side Encryption. The Client Side encryption is available in the following platforms:

    - Android

    - IOS 

    - JavaScript libarary

  • Would you like to work with as little information as possible on the checkout? Choose the option to submit the transaction with a Security Code
  • Using Tokens for repeat payments instead of all payment details every time? Use the Buckaroo Tokenization Service
Service Choices

Making the choice for the various Buckaroo services can be made in a few steps. It is also possible for merchants to choose the type of service depending on the application.

  • Buckaroo Checkout: When the payer is present in the pay process and the payment must be made immediately.
  • Buckaroo Payment Invitation (also PayperEmail): Making the Buckaroo Checkout available without the payer being present in the process. The link can be provided to the payer via email or other media.
  • Buckaroo Credit Management: The registration of an invoice with a treatment plan in which the payer is reminded to make the payment of the invoice.
  • Buckaroo Subscription Services: Every desired period an invoice is generated by Buckaroo, based on the current Merchant information. The payer is notified in the desired manner that a payment must be fulfilled.