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Buckaroo Voucher

The processing of vouchers, is possible for all Buckaroo customers. These vouchers are processed through processing. They can be created by the Merchant and can then be exchanged in the Buckaroo checkout as a payment method. When the credits on the voucher are insufficient for the entire purchase, it can be combined with another guaranteed payment method such as iDEAL. These are bundled in a group transaction, as is done with gift card.

Advantages vs disadvantages
  • Easy to create within the Buckaroo environment
  • Can be distributed for promotional purposes
  • Unique voucher code per voucher prevents misuse as a discount code
  • The "to be used until" date can be given with the voucher code
  • Voucher codes can be blocked and refunded
  • Vouchers are registered as a payment method in the transaction overview
  • The voucher credit can be requested
  • Voucher codes remain valuable until end date
  • Voucher codes must be issued in an authorized way by the Merchant
  • Each voucher must be registered at Buckaroo before use
  • Buckaroo creates the voucher codes