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If a card holder reclaims money via his bank that was paid with a credit card, then there is a chargeback. In general, the card holder does so because he is not satisfied with the service or doesn’t recognize the original transaction. In the latter case, it might be an indication of fraud. There are however various reasons why a card holder might request a chargeback. The Reason Code which accompanies the chargeback indicates the reason for the chargeback. Below you’ll find a list of codes.


What to do in case of a chargeback?

If a chargeback is submitted, objection can be made. It is up to the Merchant to prove that the Chargeback is not valid. Subsequently, supporting evidence needs to be produced. Which information needs to be provided depends on the type of chargeback.

In case of doubt, please contact Buckaroo via the following email address: chargebacks@buckaroo.nl


For smooth communication between all parties, we ask you to provide documentation in English (if possible). In order to be able to deliver documentation to the Issuer on time, we ask you to provide documentation as soon as possible, yet not later than within 14 days.

Which reason codes are there?

Mastercard and VISA use different reason codes. The following table lists the most common Reason Codes. In case you come across different Reason Codes, please contact chargebacks@buckaroo.nl or our helpdesk in case you are in doubt which supporting documents you need to provide.


Master card RC

VISA RC Reason

 Necessary information

4853 53

Goods or services were not as described or defect.

Prove that the card holder’s claim is unjusitified. State which steps were taken to resolve the complaint before the consumer submitted the chargeback.

4855 30

Card holder claims that services or goods were not delivered.

Prove that the goods have indeed been delivered, or that the card holder has refused them or that you’ve reached a different agreement with the card holder.

4860 85

Card holder claims that he hasn’t received a refund (for example after returning products).

Prove that the refund has indeed been executed or that you’ve reached a different agreement with the consumer.

4841 41

Card holder claims that he’s been wrongfully charged via a recurring credit card transaction (for example because the subscription has been cancelled according to the card holder).

Prove that the recurring transaction has been executed justifiably (for example a contract).

4863 75

The card holder does not recognize the transaction.

Provide documentation with which the transaction can be identified.

4831 80

The card holder claims that the amount is not correct.

Deliver evidence that proves that the amount is correct.

What does a chargeback cost?

Each chargeback costs € 25.