Buckaroo Support - EN

Merchant settings

e-Mandate dashboard

The dashboard of the executive bank is available in the following environments:

Bank name URL
Deutsche Bank https://erouting.equensworldline.com/msp/modusmgmt/login?bank_id=DeubaNL
ABN Amro https://abnamro.incassomachtigen.de
ING https://portal.secure-ing.com/msp/modusmgmt/login?bank_id=IngNL
Rabobank https://machtigen.rabobank.nl

Note: Scroll downwards for a screenprint of the dashboards.

Error messages

There are several options when an application for an eMandate results in a Merchant ID unknown error message:

-1- The connection might not have been been activated yet. When the dashboard displays “validated”, then it still has to be activated. The Merchant and his bank can take this step together.

-2- The Merchant IDs of the eMandates and eMandatesb2b might have been interchanged. Based on a screenprint of the Merchant’s dashboard, Buckaroo can determine whether or not the two were mixed up.


When an XML validation problem is reported, there are several possible causes:

-1- The processing bank wasn’t chosen correctly. If so, the eMandate is offered to the wrong bank with an unfamiliar certificate and MerchantID. Buckaroo can easily change the processing bank based on the dashboard screenprint.

-2- It’s not possible to make a connection. If so, the integrator might possibly not be set to Buckaroo in the dashboard.

e-Mandates Dashboards
Dashboard Deutsche Bank
Dashboard ING
Dashboard Rabobank