Buckaroo Support - EN


Buckaroo is providing Klarna for many years already. In February 2021 Buckaroo has established a new connection via PPRO.

The new connection should be considered as a major Klarna upgrade. First of all, we can now provide Collecting through the new connection (the old connection was processing only). We can now contract the Merchant directly and we are in charge of the Pay Out. Secondly we cannot just provide the existing ‘Klarna Pay Later’ service but also ‘Klarna Slice It’. Slice It (can be compared with In3) (is basically where the buyer pays in 3 or 4 equal interest free instalments (depending on the country). Looking at the existing PPRO gateway possibilities, we can offer Klarna Pay Later in 8 European countries: NL, DE, AT, UK, DK, SE, NO and FI. Pay Later distinguishes Retail and Digital (Goods) business. Klarna Slice It is available in the same countries except for the Netherlands (Klarna has not introduced this offering in the Netherlands as of yet). In the countries with another currency, Buckaroo will support pay-outs in the local currency (like-for-like).

The new Klarna connection has limited impact on the plugin support. The following plugins will be supported: Magento2, WooCommerce, Shopware 6 and Lightspeed.
Existing Klarna Merchants who like the value added Klarna offering (Collecting / Slice It) through the new PPRO connection, can be migrated. Their existing Buckaroo contract will have to be changed. For new Klarna Merchants nothing really changes. These Merchant will be configured for the new connection by default.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages:
  • The most international pay later brand
  • Direct confirmation of successful transactions
  • Possibility to process refunds through Buckaroo
  • You get paid in full, while your customers get the option to pay later or over time
  • Protection against consumer non-payments and in case of fraud
  • Contracting and pay out through Buckaroo (Collecting)
  • Chargebacks might occur therefor some payments can be withdrawn