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Buckaroo supports the use of a POS (Point Of Sale). By using a POS, it is possible to let Buckaroo’s payment process take place in a brick and mortar shop as well. The POS be linked to a checkout system or online store in the shop. Below you’ll find the steps to handle a PIN/credit card payment via the PIN terminal. This product consists of several items:


  • A POS or tablet with a webbrowser
  • An add-on on the tablet (for example: App) to guarantee the POS specific processing
  • A payment terminal provided by Worldline

Collecting the items that end up in the shopping cart in the online store. If the same online store is used for both online and shop-in-shop sales, the webserver should be aware that there are two types of clients:

  1. Standard clients with a regular checkout that displays all payment methods except the POS
  2. Special clients with the POS as the only payment method. For this purpose, an App could be installed for the client.

During this step, the online shop shows a PIN explanation screen to explain to the user how payment will take place. It is explained where the PIN terminal is located and how payment can be made.


The online store shows a PIN result screen to the user of the PIN terminal. This is based on the PUSH message from Buckaroo. The result is displayed and a possible new PIN attempt is offered (in case the PIN payment was not completed successfully).

  • If the POS payment method is used, the Terminal ID needs to be added to the message that is sent to Buckaroo. You can find this terminal ID on the backside of the PIN terminal.
  • The in-store activities are started from a home URL. By saving these in the kiosk, improper use of the kiosk is prevented.
  • Hiding the browse buttons prevents that other websites can be selected.
  • When the kiosk presents itself to the website as a special client, the PIN can be presented as a payment method during checkout. Online payment methods can then be omitted.
  • In the checkout of the kiosk, it is also possible to display the iDEAL QR code.

    So the consumer can also make a payment with the mobile bank App.

Overview Buckaroo - Worldline POS partnership