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Request to Pay

At the end of 2019, Deutsche Bank launched Request to Pay (RtP) in Germany. It is based on European bank transfers. Deutsche Bank acts as a Third Party Payment Service Provider (TPPSP). It is used on an instant payment platform, which enables direct payments. With Request to Pay, you can send a direct payment request. The receiver of the payment (Merchant) takes the initiative for the request. After having selected the bank, the payer is redirected to the online environment of his own bank. There, the payment is authorised in a trusted manner. Either via an identifier, a PIN or based on biometric features such as a fingerprint or face recognition. Both the payer and receiver will receive confirmation once payment is successful. The payment is then transferred to the account number within 10 seconds. In order to make future payments even easier, RtP remembers data (such as the bank and the IBAN) from repeat customers. For Dutch Merchants, this payment method is particularly interesting for sales abroad.


Advantages vs disadvantages
  • Contract and payout via Buckaroo
  • Based on the PSD Open Banking Infrastructure
  • Payments are processed within own banking environment
  • Available for 95% of all local German banks
  • Two-step verification with Strong Customer Authentication
  • No account required
  • No extra App needed; works via the regular bank application
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Instant confirmation of transaction
  • Coverage ratio and acceptance rate still growing
  • Dutch payments will still be handled via iDEAL
  • Payments in euro only