Buckaroo Support - EN


Buckaroo can support the Merchant with a wallet system to build a loyalty system. In addition, the Merchant can have its customers build up a credit that can also be used to pay at the checkout. Of course, this wallet can also be used to limit the transaction costs per user for large amounts of micro payments. In that case, the wallet is topped up by the user and the (micro) payments take place from the wallet.

Possibilities of the Wallet

Various actions can be taken to manage a Wallet. The following actions and their reasons are available:

  • Pay : Pay with the Wallet
  • Refund : Reversing a previous payment from the Wallet
  • GetBalance : Requesting the credit of the Wallet
  • CreateApplication : Opening a Wallet with a starting amount
  • Deposit : Depositing funds into the Wallet
  • Update : Adjust personal data of the Wallet
  • DepositSupplementary: A combination request from a payment method to directly feed Wallet with the amount thereof

The possible use of the actions is shown below in an action diagram. This serves as an example of how an implementation can be done and which actions are required. Wallets can be created and filled with credit. This filling can be done by the customer increasing the wallet, or by an increase on the merchant's initiative, such as with loyalty systems. Funds can also be withdrawn and possibly also returned. The balance is of course always available on request. The following applies to the Wallet at Buckaroo: the cash value of the Wallet is always in the possession of the Merchant and is therefore not on a Buckaroo suspense account.