Buckaroo Support - EN

How do I activate or deactivate payment methods?

You can activate or deactivate all available payment methods via the Buckaroo Lightspeed app configuration (lightspeed.buckaroo.io).


Is enabled: Specifies whether a payment method is activated or deactivated.

Yes = Activated and visible during checkout.

No = Deactivated and not visible during checkout.


Apart from activating or deactivating a payment option, there are more available settings per payment method. Such as:

  • Enabled countries: This feature enables you to show certain payment methods exclusively to website visitors from a specific country.

    Example: If you only want to show Bancontact to Belgian customers, simply click on ‘Belgium’. This payment method will now only be shown if Belgium is selected as a shipping address in the Lightspeed checkout. If a different country is selected, this payment method won’t be visible.

    Want to select several countries? Simply keep the Ctrl key pressed while making your selection.

  • Payment fee incl VAT: With this option, a payment fee can be charged for a payment method. For example for costs involved with a postpay payment method. This entry field can only be used for fixed amounts, not for percentages.

    Please act according to PSD2 regulations. As an online retailer, you are not allowed to charge customers a fee for just any payment method.