Buckaroo Support - EN

Magento 1

Buckaroo’s Magento plug-in is compatible with Magento Commerce as well as Open Source. You can download it from https://github.com/buckaroo-it/Magento. For a complete list of available payment methods, go to https://www.buckaroo.nl/resources/integratie/magento

After the Buckaroo plug-in has been installed, you can find it under ‘System’ – ‘Configuration’ – ‘Sales’ – ‘Buckaroo’. Go to the General Settings tab to make a connection with Buckaroo. This requires the following information:


  • Secret key: can be set in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Secret Key’
  • (Merchant) key: to be found in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘My Buckaroo’ – ‘Websites’ – ‘Key’
  • Certificate file:to be created in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Certificates’
  • Certificate thumbprint: to be found in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Certificates’

Under this tab, you can also specify whether the module is activated and whether live transactions or test transactions are performed at Buckaroo.

Subsequently, each payment method has its own different tab. For each payment method, you can specify whether the method is active, whether it creates live or test transactions, which name is used for the payment method during checkout and whether fees have to be charged if the consumer selects the method.

Under the ‘Refunding’ tab, you can specify how refunds should be dealt with. The ‘Activated’ setting determines whether refunds are sent from Magento to Buckaroo. The setting ‘Accept Payment Plaza refunds in Magento’ determines how manual refunds from the Buckaroo Plaza should be dealt with.

If Magento is only used for inventory management and no actual money needs to be refunded to the consumer, the refund option has to be deactivated. Conversely, if only money has to be refunded (for example in case of a partial refund) but Magento is solely used as inventory system, then manual refunds from Buckaroo have to be ignored.

In most cases, both features are activated, so that both systems can be synchronised as much as possible.