Buckaroo Support - EN

Magento 2

Our Magento 2 plug-in is compatible with Magento Commerce as well as Open Source, and can be downloaded from https://github.com/buckaroo-it/Magento2.  Here’s a complete list of the avaible payment methods https://buckaroo.eu/resources/integration/magento-2 

After the Buckaroo plug-in has been installed, you can find it under ‘Stores’ – ‘Configuration’ – ‘Sales’ – ‘Buckaroo’. Here, the connection with Buckaroo can be made. This will require the following information:

  • Secret key:to be set in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Secret Key’
  • (Merchant) key: to be found in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘My Bukaroo’ – ‘Websites’ – ‘Key’
  • Upload your Buckaroo private key certificate: to be created in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Certificates’
  • Certificate file: to be selected after the certificate has been uploaded

Under the ‘Refund’ tab, you can specify how refunds should be dealt with. The ‘Activated’ setting determines whether refunds are sent from within Magento to Buckaroo. The ‘Accept Payment Plaza refunds in Magento’ setting determines how manual refunds from within the Buckaro Plaza should be dealt with.

If Magento is only used for inventory management and no actual money needs to be refunded to the customer, the refund option has to be deactivated. Conversely, if only money has to be refunded (for example in case of a partial refund) but Magento is solely used as inventory system, then manual refunds from within Buckaroo have to be ignored.

In most cases, both features are however activated, so that both systems can be synchronised as much as possible.

You can activate or deactivate the different payment methods via the option ‘Sales’ – ‘Payment methods’ – ‘Buckaroo’.

There’s a different tab for each payment method. You can specify for each payment method whether it is activated, whether live or test transactions are made, which name is used for the payment method during checkout and whether customers are charged a fee when selecting this particular method.