Buckaroo Support - EN

Set up the Buckaroo Plaza


Sign in on https://plaza.buckaroo.nl

You will need admin rights to see all sensitive data. 


  • Retrieve the website key

Go to My Buckaroo > Websites


You can find the Buckaroo (website) Key here.

(If applicable you can filter between multiple websites with the button "Filters"on the right)

  • Generate a secret key

Go to Configuration > Security > Secret key


Create a strong key here and click Save

(Note: A secret key may contain only alphanumeric characters!)

  • Enable/disable the test transactions in the Buckaroo Plaza (*if you want to perform test transactions)

Go to My Buckaroo > Websites.


Select the correct website with the filter option on the right top corner. Then go to the 3.0 settings tab and enable the option: allow test transactions.

Please note that the allow test transactions function will be automatically disabled after two weeks. This happens because the "automatic disabling of "allow test transactions" is enabled by standard. You can disable this option is you like, but we advise to keep this function active due to security reasons.



The Redirect settings under My Buckaroo > Websites are not used. The Buckaroo Magento 2 plugin will take care of these settings automatically.


For detailed instructions regarding the Buckaroo Plaza please refer to the Buckaroo support page for more information about the Buckaroo Plaza.