Buckaroo Support - EN

Shopware 6

Shopware is a modular online shop system developed in Germany since 2004. It is available both as open source software and in commercial editions.

The Buckaroo Payments Plugin (Dutch or English) for Shopware 6 enables a ready-to-sell payment gateway. You can choose from popular online payment methods in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and globally. Start accepting payments within a few minutes.


You can download the plugin on our Github page:



To use the Buckaroo plugin, please be aware of the following minimum requirements:

- A Buckaroo account (Dutch or English)
- Shopware 6.1 or higher
- PHP 7.4 or higher

We recommend you to install the Buckaroo Shopware 6 Payments plugin with composer. It is easy to install, update and maintain.

Run the following commands:

composer require buckaroo/shopware6
ln -s ../../vendor/buckaroo/shopware6 custom/plugins/BuckarooPayments
bin/console plugin:refresh
bin/console plugin:install --activate BuckarooPayments
bin/console cache:clear

You can also upgrade/update the Buckaroo plugin with composer. To do this, please run the following commands:

composer update buckaroo/shopware6
plugin:update BuckarooPayments

A Buckaroo account is required to do test or live transactions with the Buckaroo Shopware 6 plugin. Below you can find the configuration steps:

1. Sign in to your Shopware 6 backend.
2. Go to Extensions → My Extensions in the left main menu.
3. Make sure that you are now on the Apps sub menu.
4. In the list with installed Extensions, you'll see the Buckaroo extension, make sure that it is active.
5. Behind the Buckaroo plugin, click on the … (more) button, and then select Configuration.
6. In the main configuration of the Buckaroo extension you'll see 3 required fields that you'll need to fill in: Website key, Secret key and a GUID.
Please follow the steps for a explanation where to find these credentials in your Buckaroo Plaza account/environment.

7. (Website) key:
The (Website) Key can be retrieved in the Buckaroo Plaza under My Buckaroo → Websites.
Please make sure that the correct website is selected by the Filters settings on the right.

8. Secret Key:
The Secret Key can be retrieved in the Buckaroo Plaza under Configuration → Security → Secret Key.

9. GUID:
The guid key can be retrieved in the Buckaroo Plaza.
In the left main menu go to → My Buckaroo → General.
Here you'll see the GUID displayed which is a very long code with letters and numbers.

10. If you have filled in the Website key, Secret key and GUID, then you can enable/disable the payment methods and configure them in test or live mode.
If you want to perform test transactions, then make sure that you have enabled the test functionality in your Buckaroo account as well, Click here for the instructions.