Buckaroo Support - EN


Our Wordpress/WooCommerce plug-in is compatible with WooCommerce 3.9.0 and can be downloaded from https://github.com/buckaroo-it/WooCommerce/releases For a complete list of available payment methods, see https://www.buckaroo.nl/resources/integratie/woocommerce

After the Buckaroo plug-in has been installed, you’ll find it under ‘WooCommerce’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Payments’. The connection with Buckaroo can be made under the ‘Buckaroo Master Settings’ tab.

This requires the following information:
  • Merchant key:to be found in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘My Buckaroo’ – ‘Websites’ – ‘Key’
  • Secret key:to be set in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Secret Key’
  • Fingerprint: to be found in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Certificates’
  • Upload certificate: to be created in the Buckaroo Plaza under ‘Configuration’ – ‘Security’ – ‘Certificates’
  • Select certificate: to be selected after the certificate has been uploaded

  • Use Notification Service: In the Buckaroo Master settings there is an option to use the notification service. Turn this option off.  

    *If this service is needed, a seperate subscription is available. 

  • Now save the entered data. All basic settings are now ready for the connection with Buckaroo. You can still change the settings per payment method if needed. 
Additional information

Demo account (test transactions):
If you have a demo account (requested via the website), you can only perform test transactions. For each payment method that is in WooCommerce, you must then set the transaction mode to test. See, for example, the settings for iDEAL.

LIVE account:
With a live account you can perform both test transactions and live transactions for the payment methods you have requested. Please note that in the Buckaroo Plaza at -> "My Buckaroo" -> "Websites" -> "3.0 settings" you have ticked the box for "accept test transactions". Otherwise you cannot perform test transactions.

Is the text Buckaroo Master Settings visible in the checkout?
If you see the text “Buckaroo Master Settings” in the checkout, you can turn off the master settings in the payments overview in WooCommerce. This only concerns the settings entered here. It is therefore best to always have the Buckaroo Master settings switched off.