Buckaroo Support - EN


Create invoice configuration
  1. Name of the invoice flow
  2. Website key belonging to the subscription configuration
  3. Choice of Credit Management reminder scheme
  4. Prefix belonging to the invoice numbers generated by Buckaroo
  5. Invoice description with tags
  6. Number of days between the date of the invoice and the due date of the invoice
  7. Sending of a prenotification regarding a new invoice
Create product
  1. Name of the product
  2. Name of the pricing plan and the description
  3. In case of a trial period, the number of months and days
  4. Choice to postpay or pay in advance
  5. The invoicing interval
  6. On which date does the invoicing start
  7. Day of the month on which the invoicing occurs
  8. Document the payment method for a follow-up payment
Create pricing plan
  1. Name of the pricing plan. TIP: Use a name based on the product price
  2. Description of the pricing plan
  3. Unit of quantity: pieces, box or pallet
  4. One-off or recurring costs
  5. Default number of units
  6. Invoice the due amount completely, partly or not at all
  7. Default price of the pricing plan
  8. VAT on the invoice
  9. Is the price VAT-inclusive?