Buckaroo Support - EN


The credit note is a part of the credit management by Buckaroo. This credit note can be used to lower the open amount on the invoice. The credit note can be send to Buckaroo using the Plaza in the Invoice interface or a batch file. It is also possible to use the JSON interface to sens credit notes to Buckaroo.

Decision tree

The credit note can only be used in combination with a credit management invoice. Credit notes helps to control the open amount on a outstanding invoice. See the decision tree and explanation of the steps below.

  • If the invoice shared with the debtor only has a payment button or pay url, the credit note cannot be used. Please request for a new pay link at Buckaroo
  • If credit management is used for an invoice, a credit note can be send in to lower the outstanding amount
  • When an invoice has not been paid yet, the outstanding amount presented by the pay link in the payment invitation or reminders will be deducted automatically
  • If the invoice is already being paid, a refund with the originally used payment method is necessary to send back the over payment to the debtor
  • When a payment is pending at the moment the credit note is send in, like with SEPA Direct Debit, the refund can be send in at the moment the payment comes to the status succeeded